HeartSong Laundry Is More Than Just Laundry

HeartSong Laundry began as a vision for community connection andAbout Us Image growth, both within the walls of the laundromat and through the laundromat within the greater community. When Kip and Judy Whitnack first toured the laundromat, they were delighted by the unique atmosphere and layout, but it was the community space that caught Judy's heart and imagination.  

In April 2019 Kip and Judy purchased the laundromat and changed its name to "HeartSong Laundry". Judy's passion for Jesus and people laid the foundation for a laundromat that is #morethanjustlaundry!  It's about making laundry an opportunity to care for people, their story, and their heart's song. Judy firmly believes and has experienced that a little caring goes a long way in encouraging a person and their HeartSong, which in turn impacts families and their