Heartsong Self Serve Washers 750X400

Self Service Laundry Made Easy

Whether you use a coin operated laundromat regularly or only on occasion, we are here to make getting your laundry done easy and affordable. We are conveniently located in Pollock Pines and pride our self on providing a clean, comfortable and welcoming environment for all of your laundry needs.


Our recently remodeled store offers both top load and front load washers. The top-of-the-line front load Dexter Express washers spin your clothes faster requiring less dry time so you can save time and money when doing your laundry.



We have several dryers so you can dry all of your loads at once. Some of our dryers reverse which helps dry clothes more evenly. They are great for sheets and blankets as well because they keep large items from getting tangled.



Payment Options

We accept a variety of payment options for your convenience. All of our Dexter machines are equipped the following payment choices:

  • Quarters

  • Credit Card Swiper

  • Dexter Pay App

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Due to new regulations, Apple Pay, Google Pay and all Contactless are currently disabled

Other Amenities

Our goal is to provide a pleasant laundry experience. As part of that mission, we offer the following amenities:

  • Friendly attendants
  • Vended laundry products
  • Large quartz folding counters
  • Spacious floorplan
  • Customer restroom
  • Vended snacks and drinks
  • Free WiFi
  • USB charging ports and workspace
  • Cafe seating
  • Literacy center for children

We are so proud to be a part of and support the Pollock Pines community, we hope that you feel at home at HeartSong Laundry.

No time to do your own laundry? Let us do it for you!